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Day 14- Biceps

Oops! I forgot to update the blog yesterday. But this was my exercise plan:

Mountain climbers- 30/20

Standing elbows to knees- 30/20

Bicep curls- 15/12/12– 8 pounds

Hammer curls 15/12/10– 8 pounds

Basic crunch- 25/25

Skyreachers- 20/15 (not as easy as they look)

Reverse crunch- 20/20

Situps- 20/20

I am not too sure about Situps and then there are a lot of conflicting articles on fitness websites. What do you guys think? Should situps be done at all?

Day 13- Triceps

Mountain climbers-30/30/30

Tricep extension- 15/12/12–8 pounds

Reverse dips- 10/10/10

Tricep kickbacks- 15/12/12– 8 pounds

Reverse crunches- 25/25/25

Standing knee to elbows- 25/20/20


Only I know how I fought heavy inertia and went for a run! Of course post running I felt fabulous. It’s the getting up and going part that’s the challenge! Came back, cooked. I feel great!
Will post more tomorrow. Off to bed. Tomorrow weight training day.

Day 11- Rest day

Today I really got a chance to read a little about nutrition and someΒ  myths surrounding it. I am also using Quora on my Samsung Tab 2 to read exercise and nutrition related stuff.
As a part if being a musician and performer, I have to be away from food for long durations and I can’t really imagine chompimg on food when in front if an audience. Even while driving, I have always carried almonds, raisins, dates etc. So today I decided to change that. Here’s my 1st snack


Carrots! πŸ™‚
And 1st dinner


Sprouts, red and yellow bell pepper, broccoli, onion, olives, Greek feta cheese dressed in pepper, salt, honey, mustard and little olive oil.

I feel such a sense of achievement that I am going to carry this along! My relationship with my body just became really serious πŸ™‚
I’ll post later how much I enjoyed eating it.
Have a great day ya’ll!

Day-10 Pose Method

After last evening’s run I notice that there’s no muscle soreness and Shins are happier than ever before! What did I do differently? Well, I tried to imitate the Pose Method of running. A disclaimer is that I haven’t trained formally but I watched and read a lot about landing on the mid-foot and legs falling right under the torso in small strides. I must say that it not only helped me with muscle soreness but also with running more. I would recommend that you Google stuff on Pose Method. One such video is here I have finished my workout for the day; the dreaded lunges! I don’t know if I demolished the workout or not but it surely demolished me! πŸ™‚


Catch you soon! Have a fantastic day ahead!

That’s the name of the app I use to track my runs. It’s Runtastic indeed! πŸ™‚
I managed to meet a dear friend for dinner today after my run and I was so aware of what I was eating, how much, how fast and I ate only a teeny tiny portion of dessert, which by the way was on the house! But this self-restraint didn’t feel forced at all. I WANTED to do it.
I also went for a run at an unusual time of 5.30 pm which was nice. And the armband sock idea works! I tested the product myself.
Tomorrow it’s the turn of biceps to undergo hypertrophy! Hope you’re all doing great as well πŸ™‚ Till next post, I leave you with this:


Day 8- Momentum

I am now totally converted to the belief that exercise makes one happy. I got firsthand experience just now. I was feeling quite lazy to exercise and my mind kept telling me that I was too tired and that I had ‘earned’ my sitting-on-ass time. πŸ™‚ But there was then this picture that kept coming to mind


And I was off my behind immediately! This working out is nothing less than character building! So moral of the story is ‘Yayyyy’!! πŸ™‚ I hope you guys are also going at your goals and dreams, full throttle! It’s only worth doing ‘full throttle’. Anything less than that just doesn’t stay fun anymore… Keep at it guys! A few weeks more for a new, fitter YOU.

I will be honest, I haven’t exercised today. I am writing this too with the last bit of my willpower! So let’s write good things about day 8 tomorrow. Great! So we all agree πŸ˜›
The silver lining to my unbelievable fatigue is that I spent my day and energy doing what absolutely love…which is playing guitar and performing before people! And I am gainfully self-employed doing that. How grateful am I!
So there we have it : I didn’t exercise because I was busy doing what I absolutely love doing. Guilt turned into Gratitude. Mission accomplished.
Off to bed to enjoy my well-earned sleep πŸ™‚

Day 6- DIY iPod armband

Day 6 has brought forth innovation and inspiration! I was looking to buy a cell phone armband for running with music. There were none I could buy which were satisfactory. So THIS came to the rescue. But I have bookmarked so many DIY projects which I have planned to do “tomorrow” that I couldn’t bear the thought of ONE MORE!
So here goes, my very own experiment. To fashion your own ipod armband, you will need:


Now cut the foot side of the sock


And you will be left with a tube like this


Turn the tube inside out and wear it on the middle of your “bicep”


Take the lower end of the tube and fold it upwards till the lower end meets top end like this


Insert your music player/phone in this “pocket” like so


Now, run run run run!

Day 5-Strength training

I have been doing ‘mountain climbers’ as my warm up and I find them amazing. They’re low impact and most importantly they are not boring like other cardio!
Right at the onset of a new training schedule I am making sure that I achieveΒ  my fitness goals this time. I have got this motivational apps and some pictures to keep it full steam. You know, I am Gemini. Losing interest comes naturally to me.


This one I liked a lot!
Yes, running did not happen today. But I HAVE a fantastic excuse. If you’re from outside India then please check how the roads are looking right now here
And yes, the deltoids say “hello”.