Yeah. Bad news.

I have always been a musician and also a composer. Now, let me tell you, composing something takes a lot of varied things. Yes, one of them could be knowledge of music. But it takes at least a degree of experience of a variety of experiences ranging from heart break to loose motions and everything in between.

I have had both heart breaks AND loose motions many times but I never thought of myself as an intense person. Until now. Till this truly extra-ordinary love-story dropped by. And stayed.

My concept of intensity was equated with Shahrukh Khan from DDLJ

In fact now I realize that somewhere deep down, I wanted a story that was like this film. Strife, struggle, falling in love with someone who was engaged/half married, unreasonable parents, villains, trains, supportive friends, crying and bawling, love and longing, eloping etc. The only thing I didn’t want was someone like Kajol. Seriously 😐

So, I have got most of the things that I had asked for including eloping. The only things left out are these:

  1. The girl’s father saying, “Ja Simran ja. Jeele apni zindagi…” *sniff sniff*
  2. The red Mandolin (Ok, I am joking. Really! Seriously joking!)
  3. A happy ending

And I just thought that the code-word for the love of my life, the apple of my longing eyes would be “Simran” 🙂

We’ll meet Simran very soon…