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What are you going to do?

Yes, there are more critics than believers.

More who would place bets on failures than on success.

More who believe in cheating than scary commitment.

More people who believe that it’s the beginning of the end.

More who think pessimistic is being realistic.

It’s like what it is.

What are you going to do about it?

Accept your “fate”? Think the same thoughts again through 2012 so that it remains just like a streak of motion blur? It’s our choice. It’s always been.

All that it takes is determination to change circumstances! You cannot evidence of your success beforehand. It’s in the making.

2012. It’s 2012!

How long should we believe that we can’t have everything? How long can we believe that planets control our destiny? How long can we believe our unworthiness? How long?

It all boils down to this: How bad do you want change?

And how about taking responsibility this year instead of BLAME?

Yes, you are not earning as much as you’d like: What will YOU do to turn it around? Or will you repeat “I don’t earn as much as I’d like” like a mantra?

Your relationship is not satisfying to you: What will YOU do to turn it around? Blame the other?

You don’t have the body you dream of: What will YOU do to turn it around? It’s YOUR body afterall.

2012 for me is the year of evolution. It’s breaking of old ideas and donning of new perspectives. And that is the ONLY change required.  We are responsible for every single moment of what is happening in our lives; not planets, not neighbours, not parents, nor genes, not circumstances, not country, not inflation, not bad economy, not government, not spouse.

A new year is not really a new year unless you do something new!

And new is YOU! You are the newness. You are the “me” in AWESOME.

2012 is about you! Have fun with it!


2012 Goal-list!

A resolution is meant to be broken. A Goal-list can only get better!
So here it is( with explanations!):

  1. 8 hours of quality sleep; without it we are just a bunch of idiots. Sorry, TALKING idiots!
  2. Being happy; Let’s admit, this is going to require fair deal of work. At least it will be worth its while
  3. Quadrupling my income;  will it make me feel good about myself? Hell, yeah! If you’re one of those who believe ‘money is not everything’, read THIS
  4. Make one interesting friend every month. I frequently stop talking to people on grounds of stupidity. That’s pretty self-explanatory.
  5. Travel. Because I love to do that in my head. It’ll be better in the body.
  6. Yes yes, EXERCISE. I was coming to that! 6-pack abs, so that I’ll be taken seriously.
  7. Talk less, read more. I think I have found what I like to read. They’re called ‘self-help’ books and I don’t feel ashamed to read them.
  8. Listen more. Not to people! They don’t have anything much to say. Listen more to Music
  9. Meditate daily. That’s somehow helped me to not act out on mental visions of pinning people to the wall and slapping them repeatedly.
  10. Maintaining a ‘gratitude-list’. Heard of ‘count your blessings’? That.

So, there. I know I am nasty, but I am very positive! I sincerely wish that you get laid, have terrific orgasms, find love, earn truck-loads of money, realize that you are AWESOME and have exciting stories to tell the next generations! Woooohooo!!!

The story of a Story

All through my childhood, my mother, who’s an exceptionally intelligent and sensible woman, narrated stories to me of extraordinary times faced by men such as Balgangadhar Tilak. The reason I write this piece today is because of a dawn of realization of how such casual story-telling times in my childhood has had a deep impact on the person I am today.

So, the story was that Lokmanya Tilak, who was also a teacher of Mathematics, was in the middle of a lecture. At the same time a messenger crashes in through the doors, panic-stricken and grief writ large over his face. He announces to Tilak that his son had passed away at home and that he should come immediately. Tilak, ever so calmly, explains to the messenger to go forth and that Tilak himself would follow only after he finished the duration of his lecture.

That was the story. And my mother always finished it by saying how Tilak was loyal to his thoughts and morals that even in face of a personal devastation of his son’s death, he gave his duty the first priority. And of course, Tilak has also written the “Geeta Rahasya”- a treatise on the Bhagwad Geeta. I have read the Geeta Rahasya in my childhood. But if you have read it, you might realize how scary it is! I always wondered how he could have managed to write like a critical analysis on something like the Bhagwad Geeta and also quote parallels and dissonances between philosophers from all around the world. I normally would go through the pages of the Geeta Rahasya; and more often than not, the pages would also go right through me!

But when I now put myself in Tilak’s shoes and think whether I would be able to do what he did, I draw a blank. I don’t know. Moreover I don’t know if I WANT to do that in the first place. Here, my logic prevails over “dharma” or duty. If I were a surgeon, in the middle of a life-saving procedure on a patient and this news were given to me, I WOULD say the same thing as Tilak did. Because there’s a life that could be endangered if I would sway with my emotion of grief and leave the patient in the lurch. But if I was a teacher and the news of a dear one’s death would reach me, I perhaps would excuse myself, knowing that this lecture can be delivered again without harm to anyone’s life, pride, interests or emotions.

Stories like Tilak’s were from a different time and sometimes I feel they are not relevant anymore to me. There is a way for stories to become legends and fables especially if they have happened more than a century ago. It’s right when it’s said that every knowledge has a time and place. Not everything can be relevant at all times; not even legends.