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We’ve all heard that falling in love, being in love etc. takes a lot of balls (courage). But why does it take courage?
It’s not because we need to fight with the big bad world to gain approval for our union. Nor to fight with villains sent by the girl’s Daddy in Hindi movie ishtyle.
Loving is an act of courage because…

It is an inward journey rather than an outward one. It forces us to change who we are. It challenges our set concepts about people and the world. It requires us to surrender our ego. And it forces us to go to that one place where we are the most afraid of going- INSIDE.

That’s why Love needs courage.


Cast: 3 undercover Geeks over the age of 30.

Plot: Sitting at a fancy restaurant, these three characters consider themselves quite ‘there’ since there’s no hint of Geekiness on the outside. Geek 1 is a head-turner. AND it’s a SHE( hoot hoot!). AND in the field of art. Geek 2 is a head-churner because of qualities like being a meditator+satsangi. Geek 3 is just “a-head” at most things. NRI, knows many things about many things, held a designation at a job to die for. AND it’s a SHE( hoot hoot!).

Scene 1: Geek 1 is showing the other two how to flick a pencil across paper so that it draws a small line

Geek 1: We should play this game sometime and see whose line intersects the other one’s and then…(I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation because of sudden drop in blood pressure)

Geek 2: Instead of this you should try flicking a match-stick on the matchbox. In its mid-air flight, it lights up. It’s a lot of fun!

Geek 1: *expressing non-verbal disbelief through facial contortions*

Geek 2: *turning to Geek 3* it’s real fun since the side of the match box has phosphorous on it…isn’t it phosphorous?

Geek 3: Yes, red phosphorous.

Scene 2: They all dig a hole in the ground using optimum pressure and jump in, falling at an acceleration of 9.82 m/s2