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Spy Mozart!

Just to make an announcement of sorts, I have recently discovered that my area of interest currently is that of achieving ‘Personal Excellence’. It really excites me to know that I am expanding in all major areas of life like: Wealth, Work, Relationships, Health, Mental stability and peace etc.  I also realized that achieving excellence in only one of these areas and being shoddy in the rest is very difficult. Just like mediocrity seeps into every area of life, so does excellence. Truly successful people are great at a lot of things. Their character somehow shines through even the smallest of tasks that they do. The way they walk, talk, carry themselves and their vision speaks of success even before they have achieved it.

But to safely declare that this is now an interest that I am deeply passionate about took me roughly 32 years! But nowadays that’s what I read about most of the time, think about in my waking hours, study on the internet, practise it in every area of my life. So I guess that’s a good way of discovering what one wants to do with their time. What is that activity that occupies most of your waking hours? That’s what passion is. One of the reasons why artists and musicians are perceived to be somewhat obsessed and crazy is this: they take one subject and go to the deep end of it even if they continue doing that for days together. So basically it’s safe to assume that whatever occupies most of our time is what we’re headed towards becoming. The tragedy of our time is that most of us have not exposed ourselves to any variety of interesting things! In urban Mumbai today if you ask people their hobbies, what’s the most that we’ll get: reading, writing, watching TV (yes, apparently that’s a hobby), playing guitar/piano, painting/sketching…what else? How many of us have met potters, sculptors, clay-modelers, glass-blowers, martial-arts trainers? Our options are quite limited and no matter how independent we think we are, our society and its insecurities still seep into our system.

My life has been very unplanned in the sense that I have not followed the social calender nor the milestones that one is expected to reach by a certain age. I have taken a lot of risks, made heavy career mistakes, started learning an unrelated skill etc at a relatively late age. So even though I was always a musician, I didn’t really know the key to making a lot of money or ways to go about succeeding at my chosen field. But now I do. And now I am actually grateful to the past version of me for making those mistakes. Now the drive is stronger, I understand myself and the way things work a lot better. But most importantly after sifting through so many varied fields of interest I can finally settle with something at least temporarily until something more intriguing comes along and call in my passion.

Taking risks, trying out stuff is important. At the end of it you’ll at least know what you don’t like or don’t want to do! And this quote makes sense in that:

If you wait to do everything until you’re sure it’s right, you’ll probably never do much of anything – Win Borden

So, get out there today. Do something different. Be different. Sameness of our living days is defeating the purpose of being alive!


25 Random Things About Me

A place where I could rave about myself for free? Of course I am doing it! 😛

  1. Born Late: I was born 14 years after my parents got married. I don’t know why I arrived so late! Anyway, but they were all too happy to get a “normal”, healthy child. Their expectations must have been really low from then on which worked out for me!
  2. Mad-scientist: Is what I was called in school. I would only talk about Einstein, gene mutation theories or asteroids. I changed two schools. I refused to study beyond 7th grade in my former school because my brain apparently was culturally deprived. My second school made me really happy.
  3. Changed streams: When I was in college- one week before mid-term exams I changed from Science to Humanities and scored pretty well. Philosophy is what I fell in love with ultimately. Before that I ran away from home for one day because I didn’t see the point of education- I wanted to be a musician which I now am.
  4. Inspiration: Nobody in my family or even in my neighbourhood played guitar. But The Eagles were responsible for my obsession with the instrument. I was watching their “Hell freezes over” tour on TV and the guitar solo caught my attention and I KNEW that THAT was what I wanted to do. So after pretending to “play guitar” on brooms, sticks, plastic swords I finally got my first guitar on 6th April 1996.
  5. Genres: I don’t like “hard-rock”/death-metal types. I simply don’t get the angst. Even though I have pretended to head-bang many times in my younger days, I secretly despise it and even ridicule it in my mind. I love Indian Classical music, Western classical- Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi happen to be my favourites. I listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons when I am driving. I am very biased towards Asha Bhonsle and I like WHATEVER she sings! 🙂 I love Sting, John Mayer, Seal, Pat Metheny, Frank Gambale, Dr. L Subramaniam, Jai Uttal, Kishori Amonkar and Ram Sampath
  6. I worked at McDonald’s and then at Planet M during my college days. It was a terrible experience 😀
  7. Food: I love vegetarian food. Salad with sprouts- and I am sold! Close second comes Paneer(Tofu)
  8. My favourite perfume is Calvin Klein’s “Truth”
  9. I have not watched TV for more than 3 years. And I don’t read newspapers either. It’s a conscious choice
  10. I believe in the Law of Attraction more than anything else in the world or beyond it. What I think about, I bring about. I am responsible for ALL my experiences-whether wanted or unwanted 😀
  11. I have a sharp memory for numbers, dates or other useless information. I forget people, unpleasant events very easily. For example, in my post-graduate class of 70 people, I could easily remember the birth dates of every person in the class.
  12. I know Graphology.
  13. I speak German. Very well. Ich kann Deutsch!
  14. I have 6 guitars in all. 2 Electric, 2 acoustic, 1 12-string and 1 bass
  15. I have 10 bamboo flutes and I can play them
  16. I have worked as a copywriter before
  17. I bought my own house when I was 28
  18. I have a tattoo on my right arm. Sometimes I forget which arm it is.
  19. I have played with Lata Mangeshkar as a part of her 70-piece orchestra
  20. I was a guest lecturer at the Department of Music at University of Mumbai for Western Music Theory
  21. I consider myself Atheist in a broader sense of the word.
  22. I am a great listener. I can remain totally silent for days together and it wouldn’t bother me.
  23. I have brown eyes.
  24. Water has got to be my favourite drink. I drink lots of it. Coffee comes a close second.
  25. A photograph which I clicked of a church in Munich, Germany got published on their online official city guide


So, here is my Bucket list:

  1. Be a published writer/poet.
  2. Be able to do 108 Surya Namaskar
  3. Visit Ayers Rock
  4. See the Aurora Borealis
  5. Own a Steinberger guitar
  6. Learn to play a sport REALLY well
  7. Learn to dance really well
  8. Experience zero-gravity
  9. Learn to play drums
  10. Sing for patients in cancer ward
  11. Travel to Leh-Ladakh
  12. Solve the Rubik’s Cube 27th May 2012 🙂
  13. Get invited to speak at TED
  14. Photograph something that wins an award
  15. Donate 50,000 to charity in 2012
  16. Start my own self-help blog
  17. Learn French
  18. Take a helicopter ride
  19. Help a stranger
  20. Get 6-pack abs
  21. Be able to do 20 pull-ups in 2012
  22. Travel to New York
  23. Release a best-selling spiritual music album
  24. Go star-gazing with friends
  25. Be a motivational speaker and travel around the globe
  26. Have an incredibly fulfilling life-long partnership with someone I love
  27. Be an expert creator of my experiences
  28. Float in the Dead Sea
  29. Visit hot water springs in Iceland
  30. White-water rafting!
  31. Take a trip underwater in a submarine
  32. Study Quantum Physics
  33. Be a mentor to someone
  34. Learn Chess really well
  35. Meditate daily
  36. Fly a kite (which can happen tomorrow! 😀 )
  37. Fly First Class
  38. Go on a Star Cruise
  39. Get closure on all past hurts/grievances
  40. Be at Zen with self
  41. Skydive
  42. Visit Greece
  43. Witness a meteor shower
  44. Get a flat pebble to bounce off the water surface
  45. Bombay-Goa-Bangalore road-trip
  46. Fly a plane
  47. Para-glide
  48. Lucid dream
  49. Break cycle of Anger-Despair-Anger
  50. Stop trying to control things and people
  51. Be an absolute Master of my life every moment
  52. Laugh daily
  53. Face my fears regularly
  54. Get a Ph.D in Metaphysics/Philosophy/German
  55.  Be an expert at Ableton Live
  56. Be a world-class music-producer
  57. Learn Piano
  58. Have 5000+ followers on Twitter
  59. Be an inspirational speaker
  60. Achieve a mind-blowing amount of money/success
  61. Travel to 5 countries in 2012
  62. Compose music for a play
  63. Make salt ‘n pepper sexy
  64. Dream bigger
  65. Love myself unconditionally
  66. Be grateful daily
  67. Gain enlightenment while alive 😛
  68. Experience Astral Projection
  69. Meet Esther Hicks
  70. Have my dream home
  71. Learn horse-riding
  72. Start and build a successful business
  73. Speak in front of 5000 people
  74. Win a lottery
  75. Be more deeply influential
  76. Get featured in a newspaper for my work
  77. Live in a different country for a stretch
  78. Experience a long-term relationship
  79. Visit a volcano
  80. Chase a tornado
  81. Fall in love
  82. Stay in love
  83. Make 12 new friends in 2012
  84. Attract interesting rendezvous regularly
  85. Develop an unrelated skill. Example: Cooking
  86. Conquer anger
  87. Achieve astounding financial abundance
  88. Follow my bliss 🙂
  89. Be a better person in 2012
  90. Meditate in the Himalayas in 2012
  91. Meet Sting and ask him about songwriting
  92. Meet John Mayer
  93. Throw a huge party for everyone I know
  94. Intend for sharper ESP
  95. Build my own mini-studio at home in 2012
  96. Celebrate New Year’s eve on foreign land
  97. Learn a martial art
  98. Publish a book of poetry in German…some are here already
  99. Learn carpentry
  100. Learn to paint and put the paintings on exhibit
  101. Learn pottery/clay sculpting

And there’s more coming! What’s on YOUR bucket-list?