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Wishlist 2013

These are wishes, not horses; aptly so.  This is what I expect from life in 2013:

  1. More wealth
  2. More health
  3. More conversations
  4. More memories
  5. More friends
  6. More travel
  7. More music
  8. More dreams
  9. More heart
  10. More honesty
  11. More integrity
  12. More generosity
  13. More togetherness
  14. More courage
  15. More companionship
  16. More meaning
  17. More laughter
  18. More dance
  19. More hand-holding
  20. More hugs
  21. More liberty
  22. More freedom
  23. More independence
  24. More offline
  25. More sunrises
  26. More mountains
  27. More lakes
  28. More trees
  29. More beauty
  30. More growth
  31. More learning
  32. More knowledge
  33. More compositions
  34. More poetry
  35. More satisfaction
  36. More bliss
  37. More blessings
  38. More selflessness
  39. More moments
  40. More communication
  41. More deliciousness
  42. More fragrance
  43. More security
  44. More fun
  45. More muscle
  46. More inspiration
  47. More anticipation
  48. More surprises
  49. More room
  50. More LOVE!

Flowers for sparrows

Today I had an epiphany about why I could be an atheist. The reason is my mother. She said something so supremely beautiful just sometime back that I fell in love with that thought instantaneously!

So during one of her early morning walks, she noticed a tree laden with white flowers near where she lives. And as she observed and appreciated the beauty of the flowers which looked like beautiful white stars in the morning light, a sudden interruption disrupted this innocent imagination that played in her mind: a devoutly religious person from our building plucked all these flowers to offer to “God”. And my otherwise cool-headed mother lost it and told this man, that your God has made these flowers for the sparrows to enjoy and not for you, to pluck them and drop them at an inanimate idol’s feet.

I am so moved by that thought. It’s so beautiful!

If this is how beautiful atheism is, I am so glad to call myself one.