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At the onset, I apologize for my extended absence from blogging daily. Good news is that my 30-day challenge was successfully completed. Now working out is a habit and I can safely say that I can’t live without it 🙂

There were a couple of unexpected hurdles along the way to the 30 days. For one, I was hit by a massive common cold attack that took some time to recover. But what I did during the time when I couldn’t get my body to exercise was, I ate healthy. And very very consciously.

I can already see changes in my body and I am very inspired because of that! Also, I took swimming classes. I have only attended 2 till now. But considering that I am awfully scared of swimming pools, this was a giant step for me. So hoping to continue that without making excuses!

Now I understand why they say that working out can change your life! There are so many hidden lessons in this whole process of working out towards fitness. Since the changes in the body happen so incrementally, you know for sure that one week of exercise is not going to get you to your desired goal. Hence patience becomes necessary. Eating the elephant piece by piece comes next. So planning follows. Sore muscles are evidence of changes taking place inside the body even if you can’t see it on the surface as yet. Faith in the goal, no matter how impossible, comes automatically. Also, personally I noticed that I wouldn’t push my body enough when I worked out earlier. But now I am driven more because I know I am making lifestyle changes, painstakingly planning my meals, avoiding falling to temptation to eat pizza etc. And I eat more consciously because I know that I am really giving each work out my 100%. So this diet and exercise motivation is now feeding off each other, which is great!

What I mean is, that exercise has now made it clear to me that with every goal in life, it has to be done in a similar way: one piece at a time, with faith, patience and confidence that it’s going to happen even if I can’t see “how” just as yet. I think, if I HAD to choose a religion, it would be Fitness 😀 Because it’s makes you an awesome person!

Now I am really feeling lost without a 30-day challenge. Any ideas on what it should be?


I have signed up for swimming lessons. Ready to go from Wednesday!
Today I went for a walk in the sun. It’s really hot and humid here in Bombay and running would have done more damage than good, I thought.
Although my diet went for a little waywardness today. I could manage to eat only 4 meals. But as always, I won’t punish myself for it.
Tomorrow shoulders.

Day 8- Momentum

I am now totally converted to the belief that exercise makes one happy. I got firsthand experience just now. I was feeling quite lazy to exercise and my mind kept telling me that I was too tired and that I had ‘earned’ my sitting-on-ass time. 🙂 But there was then this picture that kept coming to mind


And I was off my behind immediately! This working out is nothing less than character building! So moral of the story is ‘Yayyyy’!! 🙂 I hope you guys are also going at your goals and dreams, full throttle! It’s only worth doing ‘full throttle’. Anything less than that just doesn’t stay fun anymore… Keep at it guys! A few weeks more for a new, fitter YOU.

Day 5-Strength training

I have been doing ‘mountain climbers’ as my warm up and I find them amazing. They’re low impact and most importantly they are not boring like other cardio!
Right at the onset of a new training schedule I am making sure that I achieve  my fitness goals this time. I have got this motivational apps and some pictures to keep it full steam. You know, I am Gemini. Losing interest comes naturally to me.


This one I liked a lot!
Yes, running did not happen today. But I HAVE a fantastic excuse. If you’re from outside India then please check how the roads are looking right now here
And yes, the deltoids say “hello”.