I have no idea why I thought that I was immune to shin splints. And evidently I ain’t. So yeah, I couldn’t run today. As a matter of fact even walking is difficult. Shins are these attention seeking sly devils. At first you don’t even know they exist and then BAM! You can’t walk the next morning.
I haven’t lost heart (nor weight) today. Again I shall rise from my bed painlessly!
So I gifted myself a Samsung Tab 2. This is my first post from it and I am loving it so far. There are these fitness apps that I am using from today. Runkeeper and My Fitness Pal. The latter allows me to enter my fitness goal along with a food journal which calculates my daily calorie intake automatically based on what food type I enter. The coolest thing is that it also calculates Indian food!
That’s all for now! Till then I am letting only my imagination run…