A resolution is meant to be broken. A Goal-list can only get better!
So here it is( with explanations!):

  1. 8 hours of quality sleep; without it we are just a bunch of idiots. Sorry, TALKING idiots!
  2. Being happy; Let’s admit, this is going to require fair deal of work. At least it will be worth its while
  3. Quadrupling my income;  will it make me feel good about myself? Hell, yeah! If you’re one of those who believe ‘money is not everything’, read THIS
  4. Make one interesting friend every month. I frequently stop talking to people on grounds of stupidity. That’s pretty self-explanatory.
  5. Travel. Because I love to do that in my head. It’ll be better in the body.
  6. Yes yes, EXERCISE. I was coming to that! 6-pack abs, so that I’ll be taken seriously.
  7. Talk less, read more. I think I have found what I like to read. They’re called ‘self-help’ books and I don’t feel ashamed to read them.
  8. Listen more. Not to people! They don’t have anything much to say. Listen more to Music
  9. Meditate daily. That’s somehow helped me to not act out on mental visions of pinning people to the wall and slapping them repeatedly.
  10. Maintaining a ‘gratitude-list’. Heard of ‘count your blessings’? That.

So, there. I know I am nasty, but I am very positive! I sincerely wish that you get laid, have terrific orgasms, find love, earn truck-loads of money, realize that you are AWESOME and have exciting stories to tell the next generations! Woooohooo!!!