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Mid-course correction

A change in one’s belief system is perhaps one of the most metamorphic phases that a human can go in life. In this time of information inundating our brains all the time, it’s difficult to sift through all that and pick up a belief that resonates with who we are. But here’s the tricky part: contrary to popular belief, we do change with time! And there goes the belief system too- straight out of the small, grill-window.
I think some change like that is happening within me too. And it happened after my 31st birthday. You know how it is, right? At 23, we thought we had figured it all out. I thought the same on my 31st. And then I also had a strands of grey hair to support my preposterous claim that ‘I have got it!’. I think, why I gave that I idea to myself was also because I found myself planning for my 40s. I also shared my reasoning with my very wise mum who obviously still thinks I have some more growing up to do. So, I was planning to ‘invest’ more in muscle mass, books, knowledge, skills, people with humour, positive attitude, optimism etc. Yes, the list that no one understands without grey strands.
A lot of my beliefs about myself and the world are just gone. Banished. I feel strange about it with anticipation about what others would think about my new set of beliefs. Because, since I have been given a free! free! free! talent of also being articulate with words, I am going to be equally confident about these new beliefs as with the earlier ones…which incidentally are polar opposites of each other!
But then again I had heard someone very wise say this: Beliefs must change. Otherwise how else will we make space for new knowledge that is coming our way? I think I will believe that for a while now.

Ode to PMS

Asked her with terror

What IS that blessed thing?!

She replied beamingly

“It’s my favourite mood swing”

I don’t need stilts

Or the high trapeze

Just my pink swing to

Put me right at ease

I blow hot and cold

I go high and low

In a moment I can go

From raging to mellow

I’d warned you about this

She said turning red

Now you are screwed

Till I get my next period