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Day 4-Fitness apps


This is one of the screenshots of MyFitnessPal app for android. And this what I mean, even Indian foods are part of the database. Moreover the serving size can be customized and the calories are calculated accordingly. Here are some more screenshots:



Highly recommended!!

Day 3-Hello Shins!

I have no idea why I thought that I was immune to shin splints. And evidently I ain’t. So yeah, I couldn’t run today. As a matter of fact even walking is difficult. Shins are these attention seeking sly devils. At first you don’t even know they exist and then BAM! You can’t walk the next morning.
I haven’t lost heart (nor weight) today. Again I shall rise from my bed painlessly!
So I gifted myself a Samsung Tab 2. This is my first post from it and I am loving it so far. There are these fitness apps that I am using from today. Runkeeper and My Fitness Pal. The latter allows me to enter my fitness goal along with a food journal which calculates my daily calorie intake automatically based on what food type I enter. The coolest thing is that it also calculates Indian food!
That’s all for now! Till then I am letting only my imagination run…

Day 2 Morning Run

Woohooo!!! I woke up at 5.40 AM <insert *APPLAUSE*>, read for a while while sipping chai and was out of the house at 6.35 AM while chewing on 3 almonds on my way.

Today I clocked 2KM which I think is awesome for just the second day. Let’s wait and see what my shins think. Ironically I kept wishing I was lighter so that I could run better!

The morning run provides such specimen that are totally unavailable on the evening run. For instance, plenty of humans were walking with their arms rotating in a propellor-like motion; as if they were trying to take off from the ground! Anyway I felt relatively smarter than ALL of them since I was only trying to run, not fly.

Coming up next, a review of my new running shoes from Nike. Stay tuned!

30 day challenge no. 2

I was looking for some ideas to start my next 30-day challenge after the resounding success of my first one which was to stay off Twitter. I read a list of ideas but none of them were inspiring enough. So I have decided to walk for 30 mins daily for the next 30 days. I have no excuses to not do it. I have bought myself excellent running shoes. And that’s it. Walking anyway doesn’t need any other equipment other than an iron will!

So, there. I’ve declared it. Come hell or high water, I shall walk! \m/

What’s up

Well pretty much everything is looking up! And just when I think that things couldn’t get any better, they DO!

Even though my resolve of writing a blog-post daily lost steam somewhere after the 4th day, I have managed to achieve a LOT else! A personal victory has been being off Twitter for 30 days straight. It’s especially important to me because I was heavily addicted to Twitter to the point of being worried about myself.

Then in this 30-day challenge I released my debut album to a very good reception! I got promoted with my album cover on one of the biggest international apparel and footwear brands’ official page too! I hadn’t planned for all this in detail. But I guess this is my biggest lesson: I made space in my life for the things that are important to me and the Universe paid back with such rich dividends.

What I am currently experiencing is INVINCIBILITY and a feeling of being un-hurtable. It’s a pretty awesome feeling also because it’s sustained over many days 🙂

Of course there are many personal challenges in front of my eyes right now but I know that one very important thing is off my bucket-list, which is my music album. You can get a sneak preview over here 😀

Debut music album released!!

My debut album released on the 1st of September 2012! I am so excited that it’s almost dizzying! But this has been finally accomplished and it has done me a world of good already.

It’s available in stores and for a home delivery anywhere in India, please call these toll free numbers 1800 258 8888/ 1800 425 6967 and ORDER FOR YOUR COPY TODAY!