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Your Beauty

Just like a flower which cannot enjoy its own smell

Just like a musician who can’t fall under his own spell

So it is with your presence and your smiles

You are beautiful for someone else’s eyes

Moving day!

Hey there!

I have just moved to

It’s a big deal for me because I managed to migrate the blog entirely on my own! I’ve been at it from last night and I have managed to do it! Yeah, I am an undercover geek! But what a sense of achievement I have got 😀

I have really enjoyed writing over here and I am continuing with wordpress even over at my new site. So, please join me there. It won’t be the same without knowing that you guys are reading it 🙂

Thank you!! And see you there!





New tool!

New tool!

I bought myself an electric drill and learnt how to use it! So happy!!

Straight line

I decided to be brazen about my thirst for her. And I think she liked it to be wanted so badly by a man who nobody had managed to reign over.
As I drove back from her house I had a firm smile plastered across my face and so flagging down by cops, for what they called “routine check” for drunk drivers, came as a bit of a jolt. Anyway, I rolled my window down as instructed and I was asked my name. I replied lazily because I knew the drill; they would not smell any alcohol in my breath and just let me go. But he brought out his breathelyzer and asked me to exhale. The instrument beeped hastily and I was asked to step out of the car. The cop then ordered me to walk in a straight line. I thought this was like crossing a line. I told him that I didn’t drink alcohol ever; not today, like any other day. Now these bunch of cops were looking at me like I was lying and one of them said that if I could walk that straight line, they would let me go. I summoned in my mind all my walking skills from the last 30 years. I had to do this. I felt like an Olympian. I felt like a 7 year old boy being watched by his physical training teachers in anticipated dejection before failing to perform five pull-ups. I opened my eyes as I took the first step and walked a complete straight line. But that didn’t help much because I was walking two and a half feet above the ground.

Day 2- Food


Boil potatoes and peel and chop them when cool. Heat oil in a pan. Put mustard seeds, curry leaves(bay leaves), green chillies, asafoetida and turmeric.

Put chopped potatoes in the pan, sprinkle salt and sugar and mix well. Let it simmer for 3 minutes and you’re done.

I’m eating it with Dosas 🙂

Art- a two-way street

I have always maintained that Art of any kind is a two-way street. Without the mind of the audience being involved in it, Art does not become art.

When the artist generates something on the canvas or on the piano, it’s a creation; it becomes art by interpretation of another mind.

Let’s take an imaginary situation where an art gallery holds an exhibition of paintings by an unknown painter. On an average let’s suppose that the audience enjoys the paintings. But since the artist is unknown or at least relatively unknown, the said audience may not linger in front of an abstract piece of art for too long. But then in the second instance we consider the same paintings in the same art gallery. The only difference here is that the audience knows that the painter on exhibition is a M.F. Hussain or a Raza. Since the audience then comes with a pre-conceived notion that “M.F. Hussain is a marvelous painter”, they would perhaps try to find meaning in the abstract painting now that they know who the painter is. It’s very hard to dismiss an art form after knowing who the artist is. And I believe that, that is the true mastery of an artist; engaging the mind of the audience through the creation.

Ultimately it’s the mind of the viewer/listener that takes a piece from creation to art. Art creates emotions, evokes memories, can be interpreted in innumerable ways and has a hint of mystery. No artist creates anything with a decision of making it into art. Creation is to an artist what breathing is to living beings. It’s when creation is exalted that it becomes art. But then it’s not a mean feat. It’s the conviction of a true artist that forces people to stop in their tracks and take notice of some wonderful piece. And as an artist matures, his sphere and depth of influence deepens so much that every voluntary and involuntary movement in his being also becomes susceptible to interpretation, much like his art.

But art is indeed a two-way street. It’s the lovers and connoisseur of arts that make a story-teller into a raconteur Image


I contribute to a blog where everyday the blog owner provides a topic and many people write. The catch is the story must be 55 words or under. Great exercise and a daily salute to master of flash fiction Ernest Hemingway……

I have written few, so I will update it on my blog so it is out there. Of what use is the written word if not read :-)


“It will be fine honey, I will be right there”, he said. “Anxiety is natural but like we spoke about I will right there the whole time, I will not leave you alone for one minute”

“Sweetie, how is it infidelity, if you have my blessing and I’m in the room watching and recording”.


He saw white suits sticking needles into his arm and he heard coronary something.

He saw the Russians triplets he was condoling with earlier, he chuckled…

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