I had never imagined I would learn something from Tom Cruise’s life. What do you mean by ‘why not’? Remember Scientology? There!
But his divorce has really set me thinking and these are the things I have learned from that:

  1. Being successful, rich, sexy and one of the most popular actors from Hollywood doesn’t guarantee immunity from heart-break.
  2. If Tom Cruise can be dumped, it’s okay for you and I to be dumped!
  3. Katie and Tom were supposed to be terribly in love with each other. Remember his buffoonery on Oprah? Yes, but after five years it don’t mean a thing if that spark isn’t kept alive.
  4. I am inclined to blame Anil Kapoor for the divorce of Tom-Katie and relationships of Dimple-Rajesh and Freida-Dev.
  5. I wonder what more could Katie want that she cited irreconcilable differences to get away from Tom. Most things on our imaginary list are already checked: success, shit load of money, status, looks, exciting career, children etc. This shows us that women are not satisfied with anything; not even with Tom Cruise.
  6. And this is Tom’s second divorce. People with two divorces, you are not so weird for you are in the same league as Ross(from F.R.I.E.N.D.S.) and Tom. Cheers!
  7. All my concepts of how one needs to look or be in one’s life in order to be happy are shattered! Yayyyy!

That’s it. That’s my learning. Yes it’s quite short. Remember, we are talking about Tom Cruise.