A place where I could rave about myself for free? Of course I am doing it! πŸ˜›

  1. Born Late: I was born 14 years after my parents got married. I don’t know why I arrived so late! Anyway, but they were all too happy to get a “normal”, healthy child. Their expectations must have been really low from then on which worked out for me!
  2. Mad-scientist: Is what I was called in school. I would only talk about Einstein, gene mutation theories or asteroids. I changed two schools. I refused to study beyond 7th grade in my former school because my brain apparently was culturally deprived. My second school made me really happy.
  3. Changed streams: When I was in college- one week before mid-term exams I changed from Science to Humanities and scored pretty well. Philosophy is what I fell in love with ultimately. Before that I ran away from home for one day because I didn’t see the point of education- I wanted to be a musician which I now am.
  4. Inspiration: Nobody in my family or even in my neighbourhood played guitar. But The Eagles were responsible for my obsession with the instrument. I was watching their “Hell freezes over” tour on TV and the guitar solo caught my attention and I KNEW that THAT was what I wanted to do. So after pretending to “play guitar” on brooms, sticks, plastic swords I finally got my first guitar on 6th April 1996.
  5. Genres: I don’t like “hard-rock”/death-metal types. I simply don’t get the angst. Even though I have pretended to head-bang many times in my younger days, I secretly despise it and even ridicule it in my mind. I love Indian Classical music, Western classical- Mozart, Bach and Vivaldi happen to be my favourites. I listen to Vivaldi’s Four Seasons when I am driving. I am very biased towards Asha Bhonsle and I like WHATEVER she sings! πŸ™‚ I love Sting, John Mayer, Seal, Pat Metheny, Frank Gambale, Dr. L Subramaniam, Jai Uttal, Kishori Amonkar and Ram Sampath
  6. I worked at McDonald’s and then at Planet M during my college days. It was a terrible experience πŸ˜€
  7. Food: I love vegetarian food. Salad with sprouts- and I am sold! Close second comes Paneer(Tofu)
  8. My favourite perfume is Calvin Klein’s “Truth”
  9. I have not watched TV for more than 3 years. And I don’t read newspapers either. It’s a conscious choice
  10. I believe in the Law of Attraction more than anything else in the world or beyond it. What I think about, I bring about. I am responsible for ALL my experiences-whether wanted or unwanted πŸ˜€
  11. I have a sharp memory for numbers, dates or other useless information. I forget people, unpleasant events very easily. For example, in my post-graduate class of 70 people, I could easily remember the birth dates of every person in the class.
  12. I know Graphology.
  13. I speak German. Very well. Ich kann Deutsch!
  14. I have 6 guitars in all. 2 Electric, 2 acoustic, 1 12-string and 1 bass
  15. I have 10 bamboo flutes and I can play them
  16. I have worked as a copywriter before
  17. I bought my own house when I was 28
  18. I have a tattoo on my right arm. Sometimes I forget which arm it is.
  19. I have played with Lata Mangeshkar as a part of her 70-piece orchestra
  20. I was a guest lecturer at the Department of Music at University of Mumbai for Western Music Theory
  21. I consider myself Atheist in a broader sense of the word.
  22. I am a great listener. I can remain totally silent for days together and it wouldn’t bother me.
  23. I have brown eyes.
  24. Water has got to be my favourite drink. I drink lots of it. Coffee comes a close second.
  25. A photograph which I clicked of a church in Munich, Germany got published on their online official city guide