Cast: 3 undercover Geeks over the age of 30.

Plot: Sitting at a fancy restaurant, these three characters consider themselves quite ‘there’ since there’s no hint of Geekiness on the outside. Geek 1 is a head-turner. AND it’s a SHE( hoot hoot!). AND in the field of art. Geek 2 is a head-churner because of qualities like being a meditator+satsangi. Geek 3 is just “a-head” at most things. NRI, knows many things about many things, held a designation at a job to die for. AND it’s a SHE( hoot hoot!).

Scene 1: Geek 1 is showing the other two how to flick a pencil across paper so that it draws a small line

Geek 1: We should play this game sometime and see whose line intersects the other one’s and then…(I couldn’t hear the rest of the conversation because of sudden drop in blood pressure)

Geek 2: Instead of this you should try flicking a match-stick on the matchbox. In its mid-air flight, it lights up. It’s a lot of fun!

Geek 1: *expressing non-verbal disbelief through facial contortions*

Geek 2: *turning to Geek 3* it’s real fun since the side of the match box has phosphorous on it…isn’t it phosphorous?

Geek 3: Yes, red phosphorous.

Scene 2: They all dig a hole in the ground using optimum pressure and jump in, falling at an acceleration of 9.82 m/s2