Well, after the miraculous love-story still in its infancy plonked on my lap from heaven, I spent a week staring at it with utter disbelief. And I believe that I didn’t breathe or even close my mouth for that whole period. It was like child-birth…except for the fact that, I didn’t even know about the pregnancy! Now you get the emotion?

What was I supposed to do with it? What name do I give it? How do I raise it?

Many times in life, when we assume that we won’t fall in love with a certain person for whatever reason. May be thoughts don’t match, nor does physicality or political views neither does anything else. And it’s such a shock that then this very person becomes the central theme of the rest of our living days. These days we even calculate the possibility of love turning into a “successful” love story based on facts and figures. But I tell you from experience, none of that really works in predicting anything. That’s probably the singular reason why the prospect of falling in love is so scary! The wanting to know of what’s going to happen next doesn’t help here. On the other hand, that’s also what makes it so charming; just like gambling. How exciting it is to know that you might lose everything that you have earned in just one shot.

Hence, it’s  very interesting to know that we can’t even then blame God, Nature, Karma, Oprah or Astrology for being in the soup that we are because of love. Oh come on! If you have not been scalded by love even once, then you have been playing too safe. In fact then you haven’t gambled…or even played snakes and ladders!

So, coming back to my story, I had a word with God. I spoke to Him at length about the situation. And He listened as though He had never known anything about it. All ears! Didn’t say a word. When I told Him that His help and support is badly needed, all He said was this, “See what happens”.

So, He didn’t say “Let go of it”

He didn’t say “It’s not meant to be”

Nor did He diplomatically say “The choice is yours, Blessings are mine”

“See what happens”.

So, yes…we’ll see what happens.