It’s so amazing to see that the ones who know the least, speak the most about even people who know the most! I’m talking here about random people talking more random things about H.H. Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. I have seen my growth through the change that earlier I would be angry, now I am amused. In fact if I’m in the mood, I laugh on their faces too.

I agree that there’s freedom of speech and thought and all that. But freedom of ignorance?! Never heard that one before!

For instance, I get asked questions like, “Why do you follow him?” or even better, “I hope you are not his follower!”. So that is to say that “following” someone is bad. But as far as I remember we have been following something or someone right from childhood. We followed our parents. Then we tried to follow Mathematics-most of us didn’t follow. Then in our teenage we followed Michael Jackson, Pink Floyd or Bryan Adams? See, now the teenagers are left with just a Bieber…pathetic. Anyway, then for our professional aspirations we followed some role model. So we have been a follower anyway…whether we know it or not. But far beyond teenage or professional role models is a Guru. A Guru is an embodiment of selflessness and wisdom. Why wouldn’t a sane person become a follower? In fact I would like to ask a question, “How is it possible to NOT follow such an amazing Guru? HOW? HOW??” And by the way, if all Gurus were selfish, this knowledge of the self would never reach us! They already have the state of mind and being that we want to reach…what need do Gurus have to reach out again and again to the common people? Ok, now if the your mind has just said “for money”, you should take a long hard look at Sri Sri. No rings, jewellery, designer clothes nor shoes. He needs nothing, because everything belongs to him. Belongingness with total responsibility. Because trust me, taking courses in Naxal areas or talking to prisoners and ex-terrorists is not a “fun” idea for most of us!

And being on the path of spirituality takes courage. It’s not for the meek. Not for geeks. It’s for the ones who seek…something higher, better, subtler and deeper than the ordinary. More the number of people who come on this path, more peaceful the society around us will be. Simply because today we need more and more people who realize this once and for all that buying that 3 BHK or having that lavish wedding are not the only worthwhile events which will happen in our lives! People put their everything last penny and every ounce of peace and happiness behind ONE wedding…you know why? Because they believe that that is the only memorable thing that’s ever going to happen to them! Sad. And it’s sad because we are capable of so much more…each one of us. Is having a 3-day-multi-crore wedding great or getting permanent peace in  life for rest of our living days great? Not to say I am against lavish weddings at all! But priorities, people! Priorities!

So, yes, I am not just a follower, I am an ardent, happy, blessed and grateful Devotee of his. I have raised my standards of whom I am following, now up yours(pun is purely intended).

Jai Guru Dev!